Memorial Day 2009

May 25th, 2009 by InfantryMom

Haven’t heard from InfantrySon since I missed his call on May 1st. So I haven’t spoken to him in about 3 months. It does make me sad and today, Memorial Day, I really empathize with those who have lost a loved one or family member in the service of our country. It brings to the front of my mind that this could become permanent. Right now I can assume he’s okay but that could change at any time. I could become one of those whose memory of their child is all they have left besides a flag, some mementos and a tombstone in Section 60 at Arlington.

Freedom has a huge price and I wish that everyone would remember, at all times, that those that have paid the price for their freedom are not nameless, faceless entities. They are people with lives, friends, families and dreams. All of which they have willingly put on hold to serve this country. Some may be able to go back to their plans. Some may never return. But all will be changed by the act of paying this price for every single one of us that lives in the United States.

While I eat the meal my husband barbecued for me today and I hug InfantryBrother, I pray that InfantrySon is safe and well and the price he pays is appreciated by more than just his family. Thank a soldier whenever you see them for the price they have volunteered to pay, if required, to purchase your freedom. Remember those who have already paid the price and do not squander their gift.

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Package ready to ship!

January 15th, 2009 by InfantryMom

Now I just wish my own life would settle down a little. Job hunting in the current economic climate is not fun at all.

I haven’t heard from InfantrySon for a couple of weeks. Hopefully he’s doing okay and being careful – for himself and his buddies. Several family members are sending packages as well and I had to talk InfantryBrother out of sending InfantrySon a Lego or Bionicle set!

I wonder what the term of President Obama will bring?

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The Backwards Flag

September 14th, 2008 by InfantryMom

The first time I saw InfantrySon in his ACU’s, I noticed he was wearing a flag patch on his right sleeve but the flag was backwards.

The meaning behind this is that the flag is intended to appear as if the wearer is carrying it as they move forward.

If the flag is to be worn on the

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InfantrySon has been assigned

September 6th, 2008 by InfantryMom

After reaching Germany, InfantrySon has been assigned to:

2nd Battalion
28th Infantry Regiment
172nd Infantry Brigade

I don’t know what company he’s in yet.

These are the “Black Lions” and this is their crest:

Their motto is: VINCIT AMOR PATRIAE (Love of Country Conquers).

I think the Army Heraldry is fascinating and I’ll talk about it more later :)

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