He’s Off to Germany Today

September 3rd, 2008 by InfantryMom

InfantrySon called my at work yesterday to catch up before he ships off to Germany – Today.

All in all we had a good talk and he seems to have really enjoyed his time off and the two weeks of hometown recruiting. He says he’s been still losing weight and working on his upper body strength but can feel himself starting to slack so he’s glad to be going to his unit where they’ll push him to keep in shape.

His laptop is doing well for him and he asked if I had a beta key for the new World of Warcraft expansion. I don’t, lol. Poor guy was very disappointed.

Some reminders to let me know his official unit and his APO address as soon as he gets them and that I want to join the Family Readiness Group as soon as I can so I can get updates. I’m betting I’ll have to nag in a week to remind him but that’s okay :)

The most amazing this was InfantrySon’s announcement that he’d gotten engaged. InfantryFiancee is only 17 and he’s known her for about 2 years, but mostly remotely. I won’t pretend I have misgivings and am worried about him being hurt, but I constantly remind myself he’s an adult. I was glad to hear that they plan on living together first, after he comes back from his first deployment in about 15 months. You learn a lot about someone when you actually live with them day in and day out. Plus it takes a very strong woman to be an Army wife.

I’ll cross my fingers it all works out for the best but I did tell him that he needs to make sure she has our contact info and we get hers, just in case. It would be bad if something happened and we couldn’t let her know or vice versa.

He has said his plans are to take some leave after his first deployment and pick her up then drive to his dad’s then fly to my home to introduce her. That will be good :)

Waiting now for more information.

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