Christmas with Family & a Call

December 25th, 2008 by InfantryMom

Today was our big family Christmas dinner and during the day each attendee had been given a piece of paper labeled for each of the other attendees on which to write what we loved about them. It was a great idea from InfantryAunt to allow us to share our feelings with each other.

After a great dinner of prime rib, we took turns opening our little boxes from the youngest at the table to the eldest.

Because InfantrySon wasn’t there, I got to read his notes and wanted to share what they said. These are the individual thoughts of family members.

One thing I love about InfantrySon is:

  • That he fights for our freedom.
  • His bravery for fighting for our country in the Army.
  • How brave he is. I don’t think I could ever muster up the courage he has to do the things he’s done.
  • His sacrifice.
  • Determination to succeed under pressure.
  • He’s the bestest brother and he plays video games with me like Car Crash.
  • He honors our family in this war.
  • His unbelievable bravery that I so admire and makes me very proud
  • His sense of humor and laugh.
  • How loyal he is to his friends and buddies.

For now I have custody of InfantrySon’s box. I don’t think it would survive well in the desert so I’m not going to try to mail it to him but I wanted him to read the comments and see that everyone was thinking about him.

While part of the family was out sledding, I got a surprise and very short phone call – from InfantrySon! He’d snuck in a few minutes to let me know the update on orders and to wish me and the family a Merry Christmas. This really made my day and my holiday! He’s still safe and, even though sick with whatever local viruses he’s managed to catch, he seems like he’s doing okay.

Merry Christmas again, InfantrySon. I love you! The phone call was the best present I could get!

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