Theft of Valor

This is my small attempt to bring some attention to what I consider a particularly insulting practice – claiming military service or awards the person making the claim is not entitled to. This practice actually has a name and it’s called Theft of Valor.

Effective December 2006, the Stolen Valor Act makes it a Federal Offense with a punishment of up to a $5,000 fine and six months in jail to claim, verbally or in writing, to have received any military award the person did not actually receieve. This punishment doubles with a claim of having received a Purple Heart or valor award.

There are some great sites on just what this theft means to our servicemembers that actually earned those awards and ways to help spot someone committing the crime of Theft of Valor.

Home of Heroes

This site has a database of the winners of some of the highest awards and some great graphics to recognize the ribbons and medals being claimed in some of the photos of false claimants. It also has an anonymous way to report suspected thieves.