OPSEC stands for Operational Security and it really means protecting our troops and military intelligence by avoiding providing any information in a public forum that can be pieced together to tell potential enemies details of our military operations.

As most people know, things posted on the internet are quite easily findable, even if posted to a supposedly small group or forum. Searching for tidbits of information is not hard and usually takes only a small amount of cleverness, a little time and a computer with internet access.

The biggest issues come about when people post one small piece of information that, by itself, isn’t a big deal. But then another piece of information is posted by the same person. Then another. Then a last name. Someone searching around may be able to tie those pieces of information together to determine an impending troop movement or other priviledged information.

In the case of OPSEC, less is always better. Better to be vague than give away something. Don’t post last names to avoid direct linking. Don’t post about large movements or specific deployment locations, morale, etc.

Be careful in all aspects of communication. Cell phones,cordless phones, baby monitors and just plain in-person eavesdropping can all give tidbits of information to help fill in this puzzle and perhaps put our Soldiers at risk.

Be careful.