Introducing Myself

September 1st, 2008 by InfantryMom

I’m a 40-something year old mother of two who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, youngest son (InfantryBrother is seven at the moment), and a variety of pets. I’m actually a software engineer and an author by trade and my husband is another software engineer. So we’re a family of geeks :)

InfantrySon is in his early twenties and is my son by my first husband. He’s not living with me as he’s now an Infantryman in the US Army and lived with his father for several years before that.

InfantrySon’s father is an ex-marine and I have several family members that were in the Armed Forces, so I’ve never been anti-military. InfantrySon’s been interested in the military his whole life. He was in MC JROTC in high school for several years and really liked it.

But InfantrySon has ADD and has, at times, had a difficult time focusing and self-motivating to do things required of him that he either didn’t want to do or that bored him completely. He decided he wanted to quit high school because he was so miserable and I told him he had to take and pass the GED before I’d let him do that and he’d then need to get a job or take community college – he couldn’t just lay on the couch and play video games. He took the GED and passed with flying colors – I was hugely proud of him but not surprised – he’s very intelligent.

After he passed, he really drifted for a while. College didn’t do much for him and working retail wasn’t that much fun either. Finally he called and told me he’d joined the Army. My only surprise was that he’d decided Army and not Marines but I’ve always told him that I’ll be scared and worried if he joined but if he made it through boot camp, I’d move heaven and earth to be there and cheer for him.

That phone call was the day it started to become real.

I started this blog as an outlet for my nervousness and fears, place to be able to talk about my own journey as an Army Mom and a place to show support for our troops.

Welcome to the world of one Infantry Mom.

Infantry Leads the Way!


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